These are some of the families that need your help. Everything we collect will be given to families at the end of the week and an informative email will be sent to informe you of the help given.


Mother and head of household, with two grandchildren one is fourteen years old and has vision problems, the other is 12 years old.

Her story says ... My husband suffers from his legs and the pressure, is 67 years old.

They live in Los Angeles de Santo Domingo de Heredia. They make gardens to survive, as a source of income. The daughter is hypertensive and recently started with tachycardia and the dust of the Sahara became more ill.

We urgently need food, clothes, shoes and money to pay rent, electricity and water.

I thank you sincerely for the help. Please ... We have nothing but hope for your collaboration .

Thank you so much

CASE Vilma Roxana

Single mother with a 13-year-old son and she is 43.

Since March Is out of a job and the virus had just started and it was even more impossible for her to get a job.

She has a health condition that limits her from doing many activities, with the virus and her health is very difficult to generate an income. I have my son's pension but is not much, it only give me enough to pay the rent for the house, I have to see how I can pay for the utilities and I also owe 3 water bills.

There are days when we only eat rice with nothing else. I can put up with it but I can't leave my child hungry.

Sometimes I help a cabinetmaker sell his designs and I earn a little something, sometimes I earn to buy some bread.

My house is in good condition but we do not have any furniture, which is like an irony, I have my hip displeasure and I have nowhere to sit just a tiny sofa.

We have no beds. With my displeasure I suffer a lot of pain and it complicates everything, sometimes I get up with alot of effort to take care of my son ...

We are

Vilma Roxana Mariño

Dariel Sanches Mariño

We appreciate any help you can give us. Please

CASE 3 Flor Gutierrez

This is a kind lady who asked us to help her neighbor, her name is MANUEL OBREGON, he is the father of three children and he is a widower 

He has no job. He has been an exemplary father since he had to take his children out alone and he has never abandoned them.

He was an express delivery man for a fried chicken sale.


The children are 18 years old Gilary, 15 years old Daniela and Justin, 12 years old, they are from Alajuela.


I am very sure that he would appreciate your help so much. They have nothing to eat.


We have tried to get the government to help us but people like us they don't take us in consideration!


Is a really sad situation, they are abandon to see how they will survive.


Kelshany Oporta said...

Good afternoon, I would like to know if you could help me. I don't have any type of help neither from the Imas nor from the government. I'm 39 years old, I don't have a job and no income to meet my needs and my pregnancy, it worries me too much because I don't want my baby to need

milk, clothes or diapers. I am from the oak in Puntarenas. Please if you give me a little help I would appreciate it so much. And I'm days away from giving birth!

My baby's dad is from Nicaragua and for all these new measures and the

border closings could not return, I had to come to live with my mom, since I don't have money to pay my rent. I have two younger sisters, one is 11 years old and the other is 6 years old, their father is a fisherman and the same with the restrictions there are no fishing or tourists for do tours.


He paid some pension but since he was left without a job, he could not keep giving us help. I just had a little food that I had left from my husband before he left for Nicaragua but it is already ending and I am very afraid that we will be left with nothing.

A question you think we can also help my mother that she neither does have any help or pension.


It makes me very very happy that people like you try to help because things are very difficult now more than ever and many families with very low resources. It fells like we don't exist no one sees us.

The government all it does is raise taxes and collect all

higher services even higher than when everything was normal!

I don't know how much longer we can survive like this.

You are the last hope for this Families! Please lets put a smile in their face and food in their plate.